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Sampling of Data and Information on Agriculture on a Regional Scale in Armenia

Aram Arakelyan, Nairuhi Djrbashyan, Aram Karapetyan

Yerevan State University, Dept. of Mathematical Modeling in Economics, Armenia


The paper was prepared in the framework of the Agreement number - 2017 - 3299 / 001 - 001.TOPAS - From Theoretical-Oriented to Practical education in Agrarian Studies Project
The broad range of problems concerning to the sampling of data and information on agricultural scale brought into existence of different factors characterising economic sectors and especially agricultural sector. Wide variations of Armenian economy since 1920 until 2018 velvet revolution gave birth new approaches for the study of Armenian agricultural sector's data and information. Present paper is the result of the implementation of the research with the objective of data sampling and collecting strategy to provide identifying information required for the quantitative assessment of factors characterising Armenian agricultural sector.
The study has been focused on the examination features of Armenian agricultural sector's post and current data and information collection strategies concerning to domestic production, state trade, marketing/ processing and consumption of agricultural products. We studied, analysed and interpreted issues taking into consideration features that Armenian economy could have to overcome though the implementation of current Government Program confirmed by the National Assemble of Armenia.
Data and information concerning to the study were collected from the Government organisations, private enterprises/groups and international organisations. We argued that the study of comparative advantage of Armenian agricultural production allows to specify agricultural subsectors promoting Armenian export. We argued also that data and information on Armenian agricultural scale must be based on the current Armenian economy development targeted to the attraction of foreign direct investments and especially in agricultural sector. Therefore, the research given in this paper outlined data and information on the dynamics of foreign direct investments and simultaneously data related to Armenian Government. Armenian agricultural development plan covers issues of poverty alleviation. Following Government police we developed data and information to provide the assessment of the state of poverty and Government efforts to increase population income. Conclusion. We argue that the approach of the research is in line with data dynamics features of the Armenian Agricultural sector. Consequently data and information collection mechanism is important and significant for current stage of Armenian economic development.

Keywords: Agriculture, Armenian, data, developing, employment, GDP, information, poverty, production, sampling

Contact Address: Aram Arakelyan, Yerevan State University, Dept. of Mathematical Modeling in Economics, 1 Alex Manougian, 0025 Yerevan, Armenia, e-mail: aram.arakelyan@ysu.am

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