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"Future Agriculture: Social-ecological transitions and bio-cultural shifts"

Training and Technical Assistance for Seed Production of Native Potatoes in Perú

Rainer Zachmann1, Máximo Contreras Lobato2

1Ex-CGIAR (CIP, IITA), Phytopathology, Training, Communication, Peru
2Gerente Regional de Diaconía Huánuco, Peru


In the Andes of Peru, farmers grow hundreds of varieties of native potatoes, both for their own use and for the markets. The native varieties have an inestimable genetic value. The demand for native potatoes is increasing, but productivity is low. This is mainly due to lack of quality seed. Diaconía (www.diaconiaperu.org), a social work of the Lutheran Church in Peru, provides assistance in the cultivation of native potatoes for producer associations in the Peruvian Andes in the Provincia de Huamalíes, Departmento de Huánuco, at ~ 4000 m altitude.
In interactive workshops, farmers specify their problems in growing potatoes in writing and organise them according to importance. In theoretical classes and in field practices, we clarify the problems.
Conclusion from the workshops - among others: Agriculture requires training throughout lifetime.

Keywords: Farmer training, Peru

Contact Address: Rainer Zachmann, Ex-CGIAR (CIP, IITA), Phytopathology, Training, Communication, Malecón Grau 315 / Kapellenstrasse 28, Lima 18, Perú / 89079 Ulm, Germany, Peru, e-mail: rainerzachmann@hotmail.com

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