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"Solidarity in a competing world - fair use of resources"

Multi-stakeholder Panel Discussion


Bioversity International, Italy


7.4 Seeds of resilience: Novel strategies for using crop diversity in climate change adaptation (Bioversity International)| lecture hall 7

Future impacts of climate change are expected to become more pronounced in many parts of the world, forcing farmers to change their practices and causing them to find crops and varieties better adapted to new weather dynamics. Providing farmers with better access to crop and varietal diversity can strengthen their capacity to adapt to climate change. Under supportive policy and socioeconomic conditions, such strengthened capacity could contribute to greater food availability throughout the year, the production of more nutritious and healthy crops, and income generation. This is easier said than done. How do we design and implement a comprehensive strategy that will allow farmers to access and use plant genetic diversity more effectively in the context of climate change adaptation? This session will try to respond to this question through an interactive introduction to the challenge of enabling farmers to use climate-adapted germplasm (led by Bioversity International), a practical example from the field to bring new diversity to farmers fields (a case study from Uganda), and a “this is how we support crop diversification for climate change adaptation” exchange among a number of experts from government (development cooperation), private sector and civil society.

09:30 RONNIE VERNOOY, Introduction and chair person

10:00 CATHERINE KIWUKA, Uganda case study

10:30 Multi-stakeholder panel discussion

Keywords: Bioversity International

Contact Address: N.N., Bioversity International, Italy

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