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The Boku CO2 Compensation System

Dominik Schmitz1, Thomas Lindenthal1, Florian A. Peloschek2

1Centre for Global Change and Sustainability, Austria
2University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences (BOKU), Centre for Development Research, Austria


Climate mitigation projects can be carried out in different sectors, for example, the reforestation of fallow area with trees that absorb CO2 from the air or the replacement of a diesel generator in a rural area by a photovoltaic system.

The core of the BOKU CO2 compensation system are long term, innovative and participatory climate mitigation projects which are planned, funded, implemented and supported in host countries. Mostly BOKU staff had been involved in the area through joint research projects already prior to project intervention. The goal of BOKU mitigation projects is not only climate protection, but also the structural and sustainable change in the area! Therefore, the scientific CO2 advisory board selects only those carbon offset projects which have a holistic approach e.g. through the cooperation of science and local population to develop comprehensive climate programs and which have varied positive benefits such as biodiversity, water and soil protection, gender equality, participation, education and training, entrepreneurship opportunities for the local economy.

The current BOKU climate mitigation projects are located in Ethiopia, Nepal and Costa Rica. The first project started 2012 in Ethiopia where suitable areas and tree species for afforestation had been selected in a participatory process with the local land users. This participatory process lasted more than a year and a joint Community Use Plan for the sustainable management had been agreed on. The permanence of the afforestation, the first 10.000 seedlings were planted in June 2015, can now be secured by a broad acceptance of the project by the land users.

The CO2 price for BOKU climate mitigation project is between 22€ and 65€. The costs of the project represent the project development costs of each climate mitigation project. While a 5% management fee for administration purpose is added. In addition to air emissions, companies or individuals can also compensate the CO2 damage caused by its operations or specific products / processes emissions.

Keywords: Co-benefits , CO2 compensation, financing CO2 mitigation projects of BOKU

Contact Address: Dominik Schmitz, Centre for Global Change and Sustainability, Borkowskigasse 4, 1190 Vienna, Austria, e-mail: dominik.schmitz@boku.ac.at

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