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"Solidarity in a competing world - fair use of resources"

Sustainable Management of Natural Resources as Key to Rural Livelihoods: Challenges and Opportunities Within a Context of Climate Change

Edith Fernandez-Baca

National Agrarian University - La Molina, Peru


Natural resources have always been closely linked to human development. Both urban and rural livelihoods depend on the provision of ecosystem services. In Latin America, a resource-rich region, the relationship between nature and society provide opportunities and challenges for the achievement of more fair, equitable and sustainable development especially within a context of climate change. This is evident in the Andes sub-region, considered as highly vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change due to the fragility of ecosystems and the population. In Peru, the social and demographic characteristics found in the Andes, including persisting inequalities faced by communities largely disconnected from Peru's recent economic growth, as well as unsustainable land use practices and resource degradation, limit their capacities to manage the natural environment and the services it provides. Nevertheless, there are opportunities to better manage existing resources and help improve the provision of needed services to adapt, diversify and sustain rural livelihoods within a context of climate change. This presentation looks at an example of how this is being done in Peru through the use of an ecosystem based-adaptation approach.

Keywords: Sustainable resource management

Contact Address: Edith Fernandez-Baca, National Agrarian University - La Molina, Lima, Peru

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