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Improving Livelihoods of the Urban Poor in Kampala City Through Kuroiler Chicken Production

Esau Galukande, Justine Alinaitwe, Harriet Mudondo

Kampala Capital City Authority, Uganda


The Kuroiler, a dual purpose hybrid chicken bred in India for village production systems has a potential to contribute greatly to the poultry industry in Uganda because of it fast growth rates and higher egg production as compared to indigenous Uganda chicken. The chicken were introduced in Uganda in 2010.
Focus was laid on the promotion of this chicken in rural areas, however there are indications that the chicken can perform well in an urban setting. The trial was therefore conducted to investigate the performance of Kuroiler chicken in an urban production system where the chicken are confined and fed on market and kitchen waste instead of backyard scavenging as is the case in a rural setting. The trial involved 234 randomly selected farmers from the 5 administrative divisions of Kampala city. Each of the farmers received 20 chicks which were 3 weeks old. The participants in the study were monitored on a weekly basis and at the end of the 4 month period results obtained from a feedback questionnaire indicate that all participants got a higher income per bird reared as compared to other types. Up to 71% of the farmers preferred the taste of Kuroiler birds compared to local ones and 62% suggested that these birds were easier to raise than local and exotic birds fetching a higher income while 64% found Kuroiler more resistant to diseases compared to local or exotic birds. However all farmers noted that the birds had a higher feed intake than other exotic birds. The results indicate that farmers with small production space as is the case in Kampala city, can rear Kuroiler chicken profitably in confinement, however one needs to have a reliable source of clean organic market waste and kitchen leftovers in order to keep the production costs low.

Keywords: Kampala, Kuroiler chicken

Contact Address: Esau Galukande, Kampala Capital City Authority, Directorate of Gender, Community Services & Production, Kampala, Uganda, e-mail: egalukande@kcca.go.ug

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