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Implementation and Development of Artificial Insemination of Cattle for Small Holder Farmers in Zambia

Michal Basovnik, Eva Rehorova

Breeding Cooperative Impuls, Czech Republic


Two projects implemented within the scope of the project of foreign development cooperation of the Czech Republic are focused on support of cattle breeding in Zambia. The main aim is to increase accessibility of services in the area of artificial insemination and maintenance of the genetic potential of the traditional cattle breeds.
With the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock in Zambia as a partner organisation, the National station for artificial insemination services was settled up and upgraded and the system of distribution to the small holder farmers is recently being implemented. The main role of CHD Impuls as the implementing entity is to realise and coordinate the activities in the place of fulfilment, to supervise the correctness of the implementation and to resolve the problems connected with operation. The basis of the project is delivery of the equipment and training, introduction of consultancy services, proposal of a more efficient system for artificial insemination in Zambia and the setup of an education system.

Keywords: Artificial insemination, cattle breeding, development project, reproduction, Zambia

Contact Address: Michal Basovnik, Breeding Cooperative Impuls, Bohdalec, Czech Republic, e-mail: mbasovnik@chdimpuls.cz

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