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Strengthening Capacity of Bih Veterinary Laboratories and Veterinary Inspection Services for Implementation of National Residue Monitoring Program in Accordance with EU Standards

Jan Rosmus

State Veterinary Institute Prague, Chemistry, Czech Republic


At the beginning of the project Bosnia and Herzegovina was not able to export products of animal origin and food safety system was not accepted by EU due to lack of accredited laboratories and deficiencies in control mechanisms (inspections). Large number of samples was tested outside Bosnia and Herzegovina (costly services). Our project started in 2012 and originally was planned for two years, was subsequently extended to the end of 2014. Main aim was to carry out audit of the laboratories and in selected laboratories to establish methods for testing of product of animal origin and train veterinary inspectors of the State Veterinary Office of Bosnia and Herzegovina (including inspectors of individual entities – Federation, Republika Srpska and Brcko district). To support selected four laboratories - Federal Agromediterranean Institute Mostar, Veterinary Institute of Republika Srpska “Dr Vaso Butozan” Banja Luka, Veterinary Faculty, University of Sarajevo and Cantonal Veterinary Station, Sarajevo. Different methods of analysis were selected for training - according to assessment of capacities and availability of appropriate equipment. Until today fourteen training sessions were organised in laboratories in the Czech Republic and twelve training programs in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The laboratories were equipped by chemicals, reference materials, glassware, instruments and other laboratory devices and interlaboratory comparsions were organised for designated methods, techniques and matrices. Established analytical methods have been validated and are gradually accredited by a national accreditation body of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BATA). At the same time trained inspectors of the State Veterinary Office train other inspectors.

Keywords: Bosnia and Herzegovina, monitoring of residues, veterinary inspection

Contact Address: Jan Rosmus, State Veterinary Institute Prague, Chemistry, Sidlistni 24, 16503 Praha 6, Czech Republic, e-mail: jan.rosmus@svupraha.cz

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