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Humidtropics Strategic Research Theme 1: System Analysis and Global Synthesis activity 1.1 – Situational Analysis

Jo Cadilhon1, Aziz Karimov2

1International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), Kenya
2International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), Vietnam


The CGIAR Research Program on Humidtropics aims to help poor farm families in tropical Africa, Asia and Americas to boost their income from integrated agricultural systems' intensification while preserving their land for future generations. The situational analysis is one of the first research activities implemented in the field within Humidtropics. The objective of the situational analysis is to provide a broad set of information that will inform future agricultural research for development (R4D) activities in the next phases of the Program. Also, because the Program aims to work in a consultative manner through partners in all aspects of its work, the situational analysis also strives to support the process of establishing strong and sustained linkages with stakeholders at multiple levels.

Given the context above, there are two primary objectives for the situational analysis:
1. Broadly characterise all the important aspects of relevance to the Program within the target action sites, and through that, generate information to inform all other Program activities in the context of attaining the Program's intermediate development objectives, as well as to inform ongoing field site selection.
2. Initiate and facilitate engagement with stakeholders and partners as part of the R4D platform development that is needed for the long-term success and scalability of the Program.

A Humidtropics situational analysis is based on a literature review of existing research or development reports, and on the collection and analysis of secondary data and statistics on the different aspects of the production, marketing and natural resources management systems to identify their constraints. Preliminary results are validated for local relevance through focus group discussions and key information interviews, which also help complement the analysis from the literature review and secondary data with a local stakeholder perspective so as to draw a complete picture of the current situation.

Keywords: Humidtropics, situational analysis

Contact Address: Jo Cadilhon, International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI), Nairobi, Kenya, e-mail: j.cadilhon@cgiar.org

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