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"Agricultural development within the rural-urban continuum"

The Socio-Economic Impact of German Development Services in Shiekan Locality, North Kordofan State, Sudan

Mohammed Adam Abbas Hamad1, Adam Elradi Mohamed Ali2

1University of Kordofan, Rural Extension and Social Development, Sudan
2University of Gezira, Agricultural Extension and Training, Sudan


The current study was conducted in Shiekan locality, North Kordofan State during 2008- 2010. The main objective of the study was to identify the socio-economic impact programs of the German development agency DED, on local communities. Specifically, the study aimed to find out the services offered by DED and how these were delivered to local communities. It also examined how beneficiaries perceived DED services and how they are involved in DED activities.
The study based on two types of data: primary and secondary. The primary data was collected from the field survey through questionnaires which were distributed to 60 respondents and direct interviews with 6 key informants, while secondary data was collected from DED documents, reports, relevant previous studies and references. To analyse the data, the study used SPSS software programme and further used Chi-square test to find the association between the variables.
The output of the study revealed that the main services provided by DED organisation are social services in term of capacity building programs, consultancy services, establishing community based organisation (CBO) and lectures in economics and savings. The economic services represented financial supports while health services focused on first aid programs and fighting harmful traditional practices. The results showed also that the majority of the respondents (98.3%) participated in DED activities, particularly in planning, implementation, follow up and evaluation of the activities. CBO members have a positive role toward their communities and they are able to continue their activities after the DED project finished. Finally, the study formulated recommendations which could help community development and particularly the rural communities.

Keywords: Community based organisation, extension services, German development services, socio-economic impact

Contact Address: Mohammed Adam Abbas Hamad, University of Kordofan, Rural Extension and Social Development, El Gamaa Street, 51111 Elobied, Sudan, e-mail: alarak50@yahoo.com

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