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"Agricultural development within the rural-urban continuum"

Does the Development of Urban Agriculture Fit or Disrupt the Rural-Urban Continuum?

Joe Nasr

Ryerson University, Center for Studies in Food Security (CSFS), Canada


The fast-growing interest in urban agriculture around the world has captured the attention of people with a range of backgrounds, including those focused on strengthening farming systems in rural areas. As a result, a variety of contrasting outlooks have been emerging as to the place of urban agriculture within the future of agriculture – as well as in the future of cities. Some view urban agriculture suspiciously, in terms of insignificance as a serious food production source at best, or competition with “real” agriculture at worst. Others regard urban agriculture in positive terms, but see its greatest potential when integrated seamlessly into farming systems in peri-urban and rural areas. This presentation reflects on the various outlooks towards urban agriculture and considers how viewing it within the urban-rural continuum can illuminate its potential place within urban development as well as agricultural development.

Keywords: Farming systems, urban agriculture, urban rural linkages

Contact Address: Joe Nasr, Ryerson University, Center for Studies in Food Security (CSFS), Toronto, Canada, e-mail: jnasr@ryerson.ca

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