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"Rural Poverty Reduction
through Research for Development and Transformation"

Regional Approach to Technical Training and Capacity Building for Improving Livestock Productivity in West Africa

Andreas Schönefeld, Kwaku Agyemang, Susanne Münstermann

International Trypanotolerance Centre, The Gambia


Over the years, the International Trypanotolerance Centre (ITC) in Banjul has strengthened the activities of training and capacity building linked to its R&D agenda in the sub-region, namely in The Gambia, Senegal, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau and, more recently, in Sierra Leone. The concept and implementation of capacity building in the framework of the EU-funded Programme Concerté de recherche-développement en Afrique de l'Ouest (PROCORDEL) as a regional livestock research network have been presented at the DTT 2003 in Göttingen (*). The main target groups were technical, scientific and extension personnel of the National Agricultural Research and Extension Systems (NARES), and the ultimate beneficiaries of R&D outputs, namely livestock farmers and other persons in local milk marketing chains.

This paper presents the methodology and preliminary results of a recent in-depth assessment study of the impact of the training components of PROCORDEL and of ITC's institutional programmes.

Building on previous experience and achievements, and conscious of the continuous needs for human resource development, ITC has developed a proposal for a follow-up project on regional training and capacity building with a focus on improving the productivity of low-input and market-oriented livestock production systems. With the overall objective of rural poverty reduction through research for sustainable development, the guiding principles of this approach include the promotion of regional integration and identity, and stakeholder partnerships including the private sector.

The specific objectives of the project are to continue targeted training for researchers, extensionists, and farmers to strengthen their skills, facilitate networking between all stakeholders, and to enhance the harmonisation, transfer and uptake of innovative technologies. The concept involves the NARES as recipients as well as providers of training inputs, with other institutions, organisations and stakeholders collaborating (Universities - South; Universities & ARIs - North; Farmer Organisations; NGOs, Regional/Sub-regional Organisations).

The paper describes the approach and key elements of the proposed project.

(*) S. Münstermann, A. Schönefeld: Capacity Building Applied to a Livestock Research Network in West Africa to Enhance the Development Process. DTT, Göttingen (2003)

Keywords: Capacity building, ITC, livestock productivity, training, West Africa

Contact Address: Andreas Schönefeld, International Trypanotolerance Centre, P. M. B. 14, Banjul, The Gambia, e-mail: a.schoenefeld@itc.gm

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