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The Impact of Nutrition Training on Mothers' Knowledge and Behaviour in Gangga Island, Indonesia

Laurensi Sasube1, Aldian Hein Luntungan2

1De La Salle Catholic University Manado, Nursing, Indonesia
2University of Sam Ratulangi Manado, Food Science, Indonesia


Malnutrition remains a public health concern in Indonesia, particularly in the remote areas where the level of awareness about nutrition is still lacking. Knowledge about good nutrition can lead to a healthier diet for children. According to the General Directorate of Public Health-Indonesia, about 29.6% of children with stunting condition, and 18.8% infants aging from 0 to 9 months with malnutrition have been found in Indonesia. Therefore nutrition training may have a good impact on improving the knowledge of mothers, the way they feed their children, and consequently the health of the children by decreasing the malnutrition and stunting condition.
This was a longitudinal study with quantitative descriptive design. The questionnaire was administered to women who have children at risk of malnutrition in Gangga Island. The observation of the mothers' behaviour was done through focus study groups six months after the questionnaire was distributed.
Bivariate analysis showed a significant correlation between nutrition training and increasing the knowledge and behaviour of mothers (p < 0.001). An increase of 86.4% of mothers' knowledge on nutrition and behaviour was shown. Nutrition training has significant impact on the knowledge and behaviour of mothers with children at risk for malnutrition in Gangga Island.

Keywords: Knowledge, malnutrition, mothers

Contact Address: Laurensi Sasube, De La Salle Catholic University Manado, Nursing, Kairagi I Kombos, 95236 Manado, Indonesia, e-mail: msasube@unikadelasalle.ac.id

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