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Agroeconomic Evaluation of Food Production in Conversion Systems to Organic Farming in Orizona, Goias State, Brazil

Osmira Fatima Da Silva, Alcido Elenor Wander, Flavia Aparecida de Alcantara

Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (EMBRAPA), Brazil


This study aimed to describe the most important characteristics of two farms who are in conversion from conventional to organic farming in the municipality of Orizona, Goias state, Brazil. A rapid participatory diagnosis was done, to identify the characteristics of interest, which included: (a) the physical, social and intellectual relationship of producers in the development of economic activity; (b) the type of agriculture and livestock in use; (c) the condition of land tenure and use, water availability, and waste management; (d) the use of machinery and equipment on the farm; and (e) improvements in the area, the form of association, media and access to technical assistance and technology transfer. From the results found, it was possible to conclude that: (a) The market for organic products in the region is promising, with an average advantage of 20% profitability over conventional products. However, consumer awareness is lacking to accept this difference, related to the quality of the product. (b) The creation of an agroecological transition food producers' association to enable the delivery of packaged and certified products to other more consuming markets is still lacking. (c) The main barrier to adopt the research recommendations for these farms was specifically directed to the lack of specialised and qualified technical assistance from the State of Goias to work with the dairy production in the region and lesser difficulty to implement the compost to produce vegetables. (d) The producer expects that the residues generated by livestock farming will be reused rationally in their property for local sustainability, with a greater awareness of the people who deal with and work on the property.

Keywords: Agroecology, family farming, technological profile

Contact Address: Alcido Elenor Wander, Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (EMBRAPA), Rodovia GO-462, km 12, 75375-000 Santo Antonio de Goias, Brazil, e-mail: alcido.wander@embrapa.br

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