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Identification of Bottlenecks and Opportunities for the Beef Value Chain of Córdoba, Colombia

Karen Enciso, Aura Bravo, Stefan Burkart

International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT), Colombia


The cattle sector in the Colombian Caribbean region prefigures the most important economic activity at a regional level and counts with the best connections to the international market when compared to the rest of the country. However, there exist important bottlenecks that reduce the sector's competitiveness and hinder efforts for achieving a joint market vision, quality assurance systems and value chain sustainability. It is therefore necessary to understand the complexities and interconnections of the value chain through an integral value chain approach and to set the basis for the definition of potential markets and their development and a value chain action plan. The objective of this study was to identify the most relevant bottlenecks and opportunities of the beef value chain in the Colombian Córdoba Department in order to provide the necessary inputs for increasing its added value and market share. In the framework of a research agreement between CIAT and Corpoica aimed at strengthening the cattle sector in the region, we conducted semi-structured interviews and a participatory value chain workshop with the main value chain actors in 2017 using the following methodologies: Participatory analysis of market chains for small producers and ValueLinks. Together with the value chain actors, we were able to define the state of the art of the value chain and map it, review market opportunities and competitive advantages and identify the most relevant bottlenecks for each link. Among the main results, it was possible to identify three strategic axes that respond to the main structural bottlenecks of the sector: i) sustainable intensification, ii) search for differentiated markets, and iii) improvement of the articulation between direct and indirect actors, especially in technical assistance and credit services. The results of this research will be a key input for the construction of strategic plans for a sustainable development of the region's most important economic sector, seeking to increase its added value, share in the domestic market and access to high-value international markets.

Keywords: Beef, cattle production, market access, sustainability, value chain

Contact Address: Stefan Burkart, International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT), Trop. Forages Program, Km 17 Recta Cali-Palmira, Cali, Colombia, e-mail: s.burkart@cgiar.org

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