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Competition for Resources in a Changing World: New Drive for Rural Development: International research on food security, natural resource management and rural development; book of abstracts / Tropentag 2008 Stuttgart-Hohenheim.
Hrsg.: Eric Tielkes

ISBN: 3-86727-372-3
© University of Hohenheim, Centre for Agriculture in the Tropics and Subtropics, Germany


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Publisher: Cuvillier Verlag Göttingen

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October 2008

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Competition for Resources in a Changing World: New Drive for Rural Development

Book of Abstracts
Editor: Eric Tielkes

Scientific committee: Folkard Asch, Georg Cadisch, Ludwig Kammesheidt

Reviewers of abstracts: Mathias Becker, Gertrud Buchenrieder,
Martin Dieterich, Gerd Förch, Eckard George, Ken Giller,
Gabriele Hörstgen-Schwark, Rainer Jörgensen, Bastian Kaiser,
Dieter Kirschke, Michael Köhl, Ronald Kühne, Wolfgang Lücke,
Björn Niere, Kurt-Johannes Peters, Matin Qaim, Stephan Rist,
Andreas Susenbeth, Hermann Waibel

Editorial assistance: Andreas Deininger, Janina Schütte

Andreas Deininger, November 2008